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Profitable Ecommerce & Online Business For Sale (Pre-built wix store)

Always wanted to have an online business?

Building an online store is easy.

But building a store that sells is where most people struggle.

That’s why, for a limited time, we are offering a pre-built ecommerce store.

We will create your own website exactly like ours with all our products and services in less than 24h! Become a Franchisee today and start selling PLR eBooks online. keep 100% of your earnings! The reality of things today is not the same as it was yesterday. Today we have to prioritize intelligent work and not hard work. Why? Because today it is possible more than ever. We have all the resources at our fingertips to truly earn our freedom. I have experienced it and I can tell you that it is possible. You must believe in yourself, in your dreams, your ideas, your principles, your values, your strength. You give meaning to what you put your energy into. What meaning do you want for your life? The one chosen for you by the society, or the one you choose for yourself? The sale of digital products is what's best now and in the years to come. No product to deliver, no maintenance fees, no inventory. No stress or headaches! Your website will be 100% automated and every time your customers make a sale, their product is automatically sent by email. In addition, we will add the franchise page on your website allowing you to offer it to your customers and sell it! When someone buys the franchise from your website. You will keep 50% each time! And you will keep 100% of the earnings on all other products and services. Regards, Rick Landry PLR eBook Provider (c) October, 2020


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