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How to make Money With PLR eBooks in 2020 (eBooks with Resell Rights)

Hello everyone in a few second i'll show you how you can make $5630/month following 3 simple steps. I'd like to keep this short because I'd like to show you only important points.

This is the method used by Neil Patel, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez and many other giants of the web.

Let's do it!

First, you need to attract a specific clientele and be able to convince them to give you their email. Because in the beginning you are not going to sell! Don't rush things and respect the process. So how do you collect emails? And be careful not just any emails! It must be emails related to your subject! So let's assume you have subject in mind. All right now go ahead and offer a free product related to that subject. I'll give you a very simple example, let's say you want to sell a training course on how to become a successful blogger and how to make money with a blog. First thing you need to do is to get a royalty free PLR ebook, with resale rights on the same topic of your selling products and offer it for free in exchange for emails. What did you just do? You have just collected all the future potential customers related to this topic! Because you know that only those who have had an interest in your free e-book on blogging will be more likely to buy a blogging training from you!


Now where to find this famous free PLR ebook, how to offer it for free and how to collect those emails.

First. Go to it offers ebooks with resell rights and modification rights, go to their store page, choose among their collection a topic that interests you and download the ebook!

Second. Go to Facebook, for those who don't have a Facebook business page to place an ads and if you would like to know how to create one, write me in the comments mentioning your needs and subscribe to my channel to receive a notification when I create the tutorial video. So once on Facebook create a lead ad. With this option you will be able to insert the e-book we talking about and each time someone clicks on your ad, Facebook will give him the choice to download your PLR ebook for free in exchange for an email. This option will allow you to simply collect specific emails from prospects to finally get to the last step which is the sale.

So now thirdly, let's sell your product! Let's go back to the example of the training that allows you to generate money with a blog. You need to create a clear email that goes straight to the point and at the same time sells. In the email, insert your link that leads to your training and send it to every email you collected! To do this you will need a page to present your product and to simply sell! If you don't have a selling page and you would like to know how create one, write me in the comments, mention your needs and Subscribe to my channel to receive a notification when the tutorial video is created.

Here is an example of statistics so that you can understand how much you can get back with this method. Let's say you sell your training for $67 and let's say you get around 2000 emails per week. Out of that 2000 emails per week, an average of 20 people will buy your training. This makes a total of $1340/week or 5360/month.

Depending on the price of your training and the number of emails you collect you can do much more! Up to 10, 20 thousand per month.

Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel, so I can help you for free on a regular basis!

Thanks for watching See you next time.







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